The house is found in the village of Karia in Lefkada on the slopes of the mountain of Elati, 12 kilometers from the city of Lefkada, 5 kilometers from the majestic sunset of eastern Lefkada (Exanthia), 6 kilometers from the coast of St. Nikita. The west coasts of the island (Nidri, Perigiali) are a 20- minute drive through a breathtaking road trip. Karia is famous for its beautiful village square with age-old trees, a stone-built fountain with running water, traditional coffee shops, bars, Greek taverns. It also has a supermarket and a pharmacy.


It is also known for its ‘’Karsanika embroideries”. Maria Stavraka made the unique Karsanika embroidery, famous in the 19 th century. During summertime, there are many cultural events such as “The Riganada” A Representation of a Traditional Wedding Celebration, Traditional Dances performed by the group “ Friends of Music and Dance Apollon”.

The visitor can admire the church of Saint Spiridon, patron of the village, built at the end of the 19 th century with its impressive bell tower, an example of architecture found in the Ionian islands. There is also a museum with local exhibits in the village.

In addition, one can walk through the paved roads and admire the beautiful houses made out of stone which preserve the village’s unique architectural tradition.

At the foot of the village, in the meadow, lies the monastery of St. John which was built in 1605. The visitor can admire the frescoes and the wooden icon screen as well as “The Red Church” which was built in 1478. Finally, nature worshippers can enjoy the wonderful green routes found throughout the area.